Covid-19 virus rapid antigen detection kits

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Following the outbreak of coronavirus, one of the biggest concerns of the medical staff has been to break the chain of outbreak (person to person) of this disease. Meanwhile, performing the diagnostic test RT-PCR as a golden test in the diagnosis of this disease is one of the common causes, because the suspect went to the laboratory to perform the test, after 48 hours, received the result and according to statistics at this time the person Has been in direct contact with at least 20 people, and finally, with the positive result of this person’s test, at least 20 people have been added to the number of patients.

With a simple calculation; The number of people who go to medical diagnostic laboratories for a Covid 19 test can be seen in the horrific prevalence of the disease. One solution is to perform diagnostic tests with a short response time, albeit in parallel with the use of molecular corona detection kits.

Performing a rapid corona test based on the detection of Covid-19 virus antigen with a response time of 15-30 minutes will be very helpful in preventing further outbreaks and operationally superior to the molecular detection test of the virus. We will talk about them later.

How to use corona virus rapid detection kits

This diagnostic device is not for laboratory testing but is for professional use and should only be used by trained and skilled medical personnel until it becomes easier to work with.

But where can we use this test? In cases where clients to selected comprehensive health service centers Kavid-19; They are used on foot.

How to sample a fraternity for a quick corona diagnosis test

Sampling is done with a special swab and by skilled samplers of the upper respiratory tract, ie the sample of the end of the nose (nasopharynx). Interestingly, this is the same sample that is also used for molecular diagnostics or PCR.

Disadvantages and advantages of rapid coronavirus tests


Molecular coronavirus detection test is the definitive reference for the disease, but requires:

Observance of special standards

-Specialized laboratories

-Sophisticated and expensive equipment

Skilled and experienced technical staff (all materials used in the PCR test kit are radioactive and lack of skill in performing the test, the technician suffers from dangerous complications such as chromosomal mutations that result in cancer, etc.) in Perform molecular detection tests.

In contrast, the Covid-19 virus antigen test requires simpler and cheaper equipment and facilities, and there is no need to send the sample to a state-of-the-art laboratory (RT-PCR).

None of the conventional laboratory diagnostic methods, including molecular diagnostic methods, are able to definitively identify a person infected with the virus on the first day of exposure.

The validity of laboratory results depends on the number of viruses in the body; Symptoms of the disease appear when the virus has settled and multiplied in the body, that is, the number of viruses has reached a level that can be identified using a molecular test or even a rapid test (5 to 7 days).

One of the disadvantages of this test is its lower relative sensitivity compared to the molecular detection method. Using this test in symptomatic people to diagnose Covid-19 disease can largely ignore this sensitivity (error). In asymptomatic people, the number of viruses is less, and more false negatives are observed.

Corona virus rapid test kit price

The personal price for this kit has not been announced for our country, but the price of this imported kit will not be less than $ 5.

Neshat Khosravi – Microbiologist

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