Corona virus vaccine made in Iran

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One year after the outbreak of the coronavirus and the efforts of researchers around the world, only two Pfizer and modern vaccines have been approved by the World Health Organization, and vaccination has begun in the United States and the United Kingdom. Treatment staff and the elderly are among the priorities for receiving this vaccine. The two companies have limited capacity to produce vaccines and their own storage conditions, which has not stopped other countries from pursuing the Corona virus vaccine.

Iran, with its high scientific potential and vaccine manufacturing conditions, is among the countries claiming to produce new virus vaccines. We hope that with the efforts of our country’s researchers, we will be able to make this valuable vaccine as soon as possible. In the following, we will provide you with brief preliminary information from this research.

Basis of production method of Covid-19 vaccine made in Iran

The virus has been killed and weakened. In the world, vaccines produced in this way give more than 70% and maybe up to 90% immunity. This type of vaccine gives good immunity.

construction processes

This vaccine made in Iran has left the initial research stage and is in the first phase of human testing. In the first phase, two injections are given to the volunteers two weeks apart. After the first injection of the vaccine, the antibodies are measured once. And after two weeks of the second injection, the antibody status is checked again.

The population of this research

The Iranian corona vaccine starts with 56 people in the first phase of human testing. Because the prevalence of Covid-19 disease is high in the city and antibodies may be defective, in the first series, volunteers are kept in a special place.

Conditions of participants in this study

These people should be completely healthy, all the necessary tests should be done for them, at the same time, they should not have a history of Covid-19 and their antibodies should be negative and in the age range of 18 to 50 years. However, some experts believe that people who become infected with Covid-19 can receive the research vaccine after three months.

Immunity of Iranian vaccine

Around the world, the exact time of immunity to the Corona vaccine is still unclear. Researchers believe that the immunity time may be one to three years, and that the vaccine may need to be re-injected once a year, like the flu.

Mass production time of Corona vaccine made in Iran

This time depends on various factors, but it is expected that the research phase of the vaccine made in Iran will be completed in the next 6 months and will enter the mass production stage.

How to register

People who want to participate in the human test of the corona vaccine, should refer to the research institute affiliated to the Executive Headquarters of Imam Khomeini and after the initial examination (complete tests and medical examinations), the selection and vaccine will be given to them. .

Start time of the first phase of the Iranian vaccine

 The first week of January, the probable time for human testing of the corona virus made in Iran, will begin.

Prepared: Neshat Khosravi – Microbiologist
Source: Dr. Minoo Moharrez – Head of Vaccine Research Team Made in Iran

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